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Min was born in Korea and graduated with a major in Acting. During highschool,  she was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation which she had suffered from for over a decade. Though she had tried numerous treatments over the years, there were only minimal or temporary improvements.


In search of a more permanent solution, she was introduced to and began practicing STOTT PILATES as a method of rehabilitation with a mix of weight training.

She is now pain-free and believes Pilates was an integral part of her successful rehabilitation. This treatment
turned into a passion over time where she found enjoyment in the exercise and developed a desire to share the benefits with others.

She was educated in Anatomy and Kinesiology and has completed the STOTT PILATES Intensive Mat in
Vancouver. She is currently in the process of completing her Full Certification of STOTT PILATES Instructor Course.



Core strength & stability , endurance training, Post-rehabilitation, flexibility

What To Expect

Achieve greater strength and flexibility through individualized and tailored training programs.
Increased awareness and efficiency of movement by exercising specific target muscles and joints.
Guide clients of all ages and fitness levels in achieving personal fitness goals through a balanced workout incorporating the benefits of both weight training and Pilates.

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